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Hands Up

Full Circle Studios is a collaboration of all art forms. We believe that all art is connected and when brought together can spark so much more inspiration that might have not been plugged into if just surrounded by like-creations.  


Imagine looking at a painting that makes you want to dance. Or hearing a piece of music that inspires you to paint. Or listening to a poem and in your mind, you write a song to fit. This is the type of creation that happens at Full Circle Studios - where all art forms collaborate together at one time! There is something for everyone here, no matter what age or skill level. Everyone has something special to share, and everyone is considered an artist!

Music Class

As early as 4 years old, we study what we are told to study within a strict and time-consuming schedule. We continue that regimen until we are expected to choose how to continue our lives. Being molded and taught the same education as everyone else, how are we to know what our strengths and interests are without the freedom to explore our self-identity? 


Can you envision a place where inspiration is endless -  a place where self exploration is everlasting, not a stamp you get at high school graduation?


Developing a safe place for today’s youth is Full Circle Studios’ most sought after goal.  ALL children should be aware of their strengths and their individual talents. Creating the environment to explore all areas of performing arts FOR FREE will do so much good for our children. When they are welcomed into the art world and embraced by our educators, not only will they learn fundamental art forms, but they will learn how to express themselves freely, to share space with other children, and how to react with kindness and compassion.  In turn, we will be raising wonderful, freethinking children who will bring back what is human nature -



and Collaboration!

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