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This performance is presented by Full Circle Studios as part of the 2024 Harrisburg Fringe Festival July 18-21

"Mother" is an electric CONTEMPORARY DANCE work that takes audiences of ALL ages on a journey through the familial relationships that create, protect and enable us. Enjoy live percussion interludes and new and reinvented choreography from guest artists Kevin Krum, Michelina McGrady, Mia Vera and Jessica Yahner.


Come see Mother at Gamut Theatre Select Medical Center Mainstage

Friday, July 19 @ 9:05pm

Saturday, July 20 @ 7:35pm

Tickets sold at the door or you can purchase online here


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"Mother" is an electric CONTEMPORARY DANCE work embodying the universal journey of generational debt passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. In the end, we as creators, protectors and enablers are left with what we put in. Using inventive musicality, humanity and athleticism, dancers bare their hearts on the floor. Just like mother, sometimes it feels like it is too much and other times, not enough. "Sisters" takes time to honor the untraditional relationships that nurture and support us as mentors, friends and siblings. Featured Dancers Michelina McGrady, Bryanna Urban and Mia Vera move seemlessly to depict this unconditional love that strives to lift us up.

Enjoy live percussion interludes by Alec Reich and new and reinvented choreography from collaborators Kevin Krum, Michelina McGrady, Mia Vera and Jessica Yahner.

Audiences will experience dance inspired from Modern Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theater and a satire EN POINTE!

Featuring Dancers: Michelina McGrady, Mia Vera and Bryanna Urban



Choreography by Michelina McGrady and Mia Vera


"Creation" 3 Generations emerge struggling to balance support and burden.

Skyloft, Pyrmdplaza 


"Fight, Baby Girl" The progeny fights to come into her own.

Kusanagi, ODESZA


"Mom Guilt" Did I do enough, did I do to much?

Drowning, Pyrmdplaza 


"Granny" A reminder from Grandma, you mustn't take everything so seriously.

Sun Models, ODESZA


"Snug Bug" Together we can conquer all.

Inure, Pyrmdplaza









Musical interlude

 by Alec Reich


For Kevin

Choreography by Kevin Krum



Cry (If you want to), Holly Cole Trio


"Becoming my Mother"

Becoming my Mother, Karen Mason












Musical Interlude

by Alec Reich



Choreography by Jessica Yahner, Michelina McGrady, and Mia Vera


"Oldest Youngest" 2 sisters navigate time, space and life

Human, Sevdaliza


"Sister Friends" BFF blood or sweat

Waterrr, Pyrmdplaza

"Always" Long distance is challenging, but we always pick up where we left off.

House Bump for Joe Kay, Pyrmdplaza


About Us

Michelina McGrady graduated from The Boston Conservatory with a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Dance. She is the Artistic Director of Dance Envoy with which she has premiered several of her own dance works in Italy and Pennsylvania. She has performed locally with Susquehanna Stage Company and will be premiering with Popovsky Performing Arts August 2024. She has performed professionally as a Soloist and ensemble member in several dance companies in NY and MA. Michelina started dancing when she was 3 years old, and studied ballet with the R.A.D. in New Jersey. At the age of 9 she relocated to Pennsylvania where she studied dance under the mentoring of Judy Williams Henry at Movement Laboratory, in Lancaster and throughout Europe. Currently, Michelina spends most of her time with her 4 children and husband, but also holds her Physical Therapist Assistant license, and enjoys choreographing and performing in and around Lancaster, PA. She feels blessed to be working along side the talented artists of Full Circle Studios.

Mia has been dancing her whole life and has been a dance instructor for over 10 years. She studied dance and apprenticed under direction of Judy Williams Henry in Lebanon County, and has participated in Point Park University’s International Dance Program. Some of Mia’s fondest dance performance memories include performing at Disneyland Paris and at The United Nations. Mia has choreographed for Gretna Theater and other various community dance and theater events as well as a cruise ship performance group. When Mia isn't teaching the fundamentals of music and movement exploration, she performs with Lancaster based professional dance companies and spends the rest of her time with her family creating, making messes, and exploring nature. Mia loves helping children bridge the gap between visual and performing arts, so she founded the nonprofit Full Circle Studios whose mission it is to allow ALL children the opportunity to experience meaningful education in music, art, and dance.

Bryanna Urban is a local dance teacher and performer. She graduated from Point Park University with a BFA in Dance. During her time in college she performed for many different choreographers including Douglas Bentz and Ori Flomin as well as performing excerpts of works by Bill T Jones and Shen Wei. Her teaching career began 4 years ago with Palmyra Academy of Dance, where she teaches Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop. She considers herself a jack of all trades when it comes to dance. Bryanna is excited to hit the stage again after nearly 8 years away from performance. She would like to thank her husband for all of his support over the years, but most of all would like to thank her mother and baby daughter for the courage and strength they have given her.

More about Jess coming soon!

Alec Reich, a dynamic force in the local music scene, has carved his path as a consummate musician, blending the raw energy of rock with the infectious groove of funk. Raised in the heart of Lebanon county, his journey through music began at a young age, fueled by passion rhythm and an insatiable desire to explore the depths of musical expression. Througout his career, Alec has collaborated with a diverse array of bands, each experience enriching his musical palette and shaping his distingtive sound. From gritty garage rock outifts to funky ensembles grooving late into the night, Alec's ability to blend genres and transcend musical boundaries has been his trademark, earning him respect and admiration from fellow musicians and fans alike. In addition to his musical endeavors, Alec is also a passionate advocate for community engagement through music education. Whether leading workshops for aspiring musicians or mentoring young talent, he is committed to nurturing the next generation of artists and fostering a vibrant and inclusive music scene in his hometown and to his family whom he shares with Mia Vera. With each beat of the drum and every note sung, Alec continues to leave an indelible mark on the local music landscape, a true maestro of musical fusion whose passion, talent, and unwavering dedication inspire all who have the pleasure of experiencing his artistry firsthand. We are very honored to share the stage with Alec during this production!

More about Kevin coming soon!

Thank You to our Supporters!

E-Dance Center, Silver Spring Dance Conservatory,  Palmyra Academy of Dance, Encore Dance Center

And our Sponsors!
Jeni Heilman
Angelina Piazza
Lori & John Piazza
Leah Barbato
Victoria Underwood

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